MADGIX ScreenPLAY Kit, developed  to transform existing non-interactive screens and spaces into vibrant play and gaming arenas, the hardware is compact and easy to implement. The MADGIX ScreenPLAY Kit introduces a new level of interaction to cinemas and attraction venues.

MADGIX ScreenPLAY Kit contains key elements for smooth integration and operation, accommodating a large number of shooting players simultaneously. Without modifying the screen or wiring it up, interactivity experiences can be offered to large audiences at any venue of choice through a smart camera-based detection system.

For the first time a multi-user interaction kit is available as an open architecture. The MADGIX ScreenPLAY Kit contains parallel independent hardware for playback and shooting detection, designed for seamless integration within existing 4D theaters and cinemas. We offer a flexible licensing system that packages the game license together with the wireless interactive devices, allowing for a broader variety in games and theming. 

Active Adventure Scenarios:

the power of cleverly crafted journeys

MADGIX brilliant story generator software architecture makes powerful non-linear stories and game quests your amazing reality

Scalable interactive AI adventures:

Compact Interactive adventures: a quests with collectables, magical interactions surprises, analog wayfinding

Large Scale Interactive adventures: park wide non linear storylines,  starting from Central Playhubs, the meeting point for all participants of the journey, your mission is interwoven with other park activities, tailormade multi layered stories, collectables, goodies, analog wayfinding with smart app connectivity option

Full integrated adventure experience: combining on site and off site crossplatform integration, digital signage, POS,website, socialmedia with interactive mediabased touchpoints,  a true phygital & magical interaction device, collectables, data&flow management options. rfid & bluethooth wearables, hybrid wayfinding devices

Interactive Multiuser Wall Painting

more soon